We provide today’s leading companies with top tier services that fit their needs. See how we empower businesses with force multiplying results.

What we do

The Quadrants

Whether you need to support a global remote workforce at a technology startup or manage a high-security, bespoke financial brokerage providing services to a select clientele. Taurus offers a nuanced, secure solution tailored to your specific needs.

Expert IT Management

Cloud Service Excellence

Next-Generation Cybersecurity

Professional Bespoke Services


Our Approach to Service

We have a talented team of technical experts coupled with some of today's leading technology solutions.

Smart Work

We never shy away from the hard work of working smarter. Through automation and AI Assistance we are able to provide greater value to our clients.

Global Team

Our Team of Experts hail from all over the globe and this often provides them with unique perspectives on the issues our clients face in today's tough environment.

No Small Detail

We look for things others miss. When your systems are having issues we're trained to get to the root of the problem and make sure it only needs to be fixed once.


Our Clients are always in the know of what's going on in their environment. We ensure there are no 'surprises' and that our technical strategy aligns with your business.
Our Approach to your Success

How We Do It

We love helping our clients succeed.


We perform a Soft Assessment to highlight areas of improvmement.

Before we engage with you, an Account Manager and Technical Lead works with your business to understand a few key requirements which are backed by today’s leading security & operational frameworks. This soft-assessment helps us plan/strategize our long-term efforts which you see the benefits of right away.

We onboard your environment and begin supporting your technologies.

Onboarding will be a great experience for your team, which will include seminars on how we support your business and where to get in touch with us for any issues. You will quickly see the value we bring your business and your Account Manager will work with you each step of the way to ensure we’re properly aligned. 



We continuously make improvements to your environment and provide world class support to your team.

In the world of Capability Maturity Models, we’re always pushing for continual improvements to everything we do. From optimizing your line of business applications to making the mail system more secure (and less phishy), we take great pride and pleasure in making our client’s environments the best they can be.

You get benefits of a World Class IT & Cybersecurity Operation at a fraction of the cost!

A well run technical machine can make all the difference in today’s competitive landscape. Having the benefits of being able to enjoy those rewards at the fraction of the cost of staffing a traditional IT or Security Operations Team is not only a ‘Win-Win’ but it will make you feel like a super hero to boot!


During our years of operational excellence, our priority has always been to not only maintain the technologies our clients use, but also improve their business processes and realize the potential that technology can bring them.
vision & Mission

Business Craft

The vision behind Taurus is about providing High Quality Secure IT Services to a demanding market that faces threats from highly skilled hackers who are often backed by Nation-State Interests intent on doing economic harm. 

Our Mission is to provide the best technology & cybersecurity services possible at reasonable prices and with high customer satisfaction. 

Taurus provides your company with an “Out of the Box” mature IT and Security Operations Team that can conform to your operational requirements and provides your existing team with rapid maturation. 

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