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An MSP can be described as an outsourced IT or cybersecurity team that provides a variety of IT services on behalf of your business including Help Desk Support for email problems or Network Operations Engineers to ensure your servers are working at peak efficiency.

MSPs work with many different clients and often support a LOT of different technologies. This provides their teams with enhanced experience that normally in-house teams lack. Also MSPs often are a fraction of the cost of staffing and maintaining your own internal IT Departments.

Security at MSPs can vary wildly unfortunately. This is often duo to a lack of investment in time and resources to follow the right processes or employ the right security controls which can lead to their customers being compromised. As veterans of the cybersecurity space we follow a comprehensive set of security controls that ensure we're aligned with the high security requirements of some of our customers.  

We support a large amount of technologies and their respective ecosystems. In fact, in order to keep track of it all we periodically update a list of supported technologies that we publish to our clients so they're aware of support options. A good rule of thumb to determine if a technology is supported is if it is currently not classified as "End of Life" and sees common use (Microsoft Products for instance). For a detailed list, please reach out and we will quickly provide you with an updated Recommended Technology Guide.  

Proactive Maintenance is where we will fix things before they become an issue. This can be as simple as patch management where we ensure your software and applications are up to date and protected against recently discovered vulnerabilities or as complex as tuning system performance in light of medium to long-term trend analysis. We perform pro-active maintenance after hours every week.

With modern technology we can provide remove support and remediation services globally at near instantaneous speeds (the speed of light is still a hurdle for latency unfortunately). But what about when you need a physical presence to handle cabling or device installation at some remote office somewhere in the Outback for instance? That's where our global partnerships come into play. We can provide 'boots on the ground' support wherever you need us on relatively short notice. This ensures you and your team are covered the world over. 

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