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Managed Services

With rising staffing and licensing costs many organizations are facing steep difficulty curves in keeping up with the technological demands required to thrive. Taurus provides a comprehensive team of skilled technicians available around the clock to support your business in any domain. Whether it be assisting end-users with accessing their email or preventing a data-breach, we're here for you when you need it.


Networks, Servers, Apps, and More


Unified Communications as a Service


Productivity Suites & Cloud Infra


Full-Stack Security Solutions

Strategic Services

Compliance Strategy

Regulatory & Statutory Preparedness

Technology Strategy

Next-Gen Technologies & Strategies

Security Strategy

Security & Threat Awareness

Professional Services

When you need Expert Help to meet specific objectives, our team of highly trained engineers are there to assist you in achieving your goals. Every engagement includes a Project or Account Manager who ensures that we are meeting our milestones and that you are satisfied with the end-result.


Setting up new services & solutions.


Connecting existing services together.


Fixing or enhancing existing services.


Taking your services to the next level.

Industries We Serve


Supporting organizations who teach the future leaders of tomorrow is a passion for us at Taurus. We can help your school get the most out of available EDU resources as well as key into resources most educational institutions may not be aware they are entitled to.

Children in the classroom

Retail & E-Commerce

Ensuring Point-of-Sale and Warehouse Management solution uptime is of utmost important to ensure customer trust in transactions. We work extensively with both traditional brick and mortar chains and web only businesses so we understand the challenges many businesses face.



Safeguarding Client Confidential data is an ever increasing concern amongst the top law firms as well as utilizing the latest in LegalTech to gain an advantage for their practice. Taurus was originally founded to help Law Firms meet their security and technology needs so we have a strong pedigree and can help your firm maximize its potential.

Close up diverse colleagues working on project together, working with legal documents, financial


Finance is one of the most heavily regulated industries anywhere in the world and for good reason. Between SEC, FINRA, SOX, and PCI Compliance our team of experts can help you navigate complex compliance requirements and ensure your systems are up to the task of protecting you and your client's data.

Business adviser analyzing financial figures denoting the progress Internal Revenue Service checking


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Finance and compliance are often synonymous. Our Experts have experience working in the financial industry ranging from Banking to Accounting and Investment Firms. Whether you need to meet SOX compliance or looking to mature your security capabilities we have the right team for the job.

Close up Businessman and partner using calculator and laptop for calaulating finance, tax


Agriculture and AgTech is an ever-critical component to our day to day security. Hostile hacker groups have begun targeting Agriculture Orgs with ever increasing tenacity as a means to disrupt food supplies and cause havoc in the markets. We proudly support and secure Agriculture and know how to interweave high-tech security into traditionally low-tech means.

Agricultural plan on the laptop

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